Import Emails From Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL etc to Gmail

I remember using several email accounts, before switching all communications to , however with this change I had to leave my emails and contacts from my other email accounts as it is.

However Gmail has now addressed this issue with a new feature which will allow users to import emails and contacts from their older accounts into Gmail.


The service to import emails is powered by TrueSwitch, a service provider that specializes in email migration.

The service has gone live and will be seen by select few users only right now. However Gmail will make it available to more users in near future.

You can find more information about the import feature by visiting the Official Google Help Page for importing data to Gmail.

One thought on “Import Emails From Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL etc to Gmail”

  1. I have a 400,00 person optin mailing list from my newsletter that I mail weekly. Is it possible to upload it to Twitter and have them notify all of our subscribers that we are on twitter. I uploaded a test of 5,000 names to a google account and when through the process on twitter but it did not deem to do anything. It just kicked me back out. Now I did not import any names into this new gmail account. Just email addresses. These are good addressess too.

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    Tom Ocean

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