How To Un-Google Yourself

Google is a search engine which does not see any boundaries, unless and until you show it some barriers, by blocking it using robots.txt. Many of us, including webmasters, like to have Google index our content as soon as possible.


However, some of us would prefer that we are not on Google. If you are someone who does not want to show up in Google search results, the Wired wiki has a nice little article which will show you how to Un-Google yourself.

They cover using robots.txt as well as social networking sites like and LinkedIn, so that you are covered all around. However, if you want to stop too, all you have to do is to convert your account to a protected one.

Another interesting point covered in the article includes how to choose smartly between image sharing websites, lest your wedding pictures make it to all of the Internet.

Un-Google Yourself [Wired Wiki via Donation Coder]

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  • Today by googling your name , everybody may find information about you that you are not interested that anybody will know . This negative information , can prevent you to live the life you want , because of this info , they will not hire you, although you are suitable for the job, you will get rejected , banks will not give you credit or even open you an account, potential clients will not make business with you , nobody will want to partner with you , in business as well as in life , and so on .

    This information that has been written about you is very difficult to erase or eliminate from the net , because it is placed on websites you are not controlling .

    The only solution is to bury the content you don’t want to be found ,by adding new positive contents and moving new created websites higher up in search results for your name. In this way you are pushing down from page one and two , all the negative information about you and replace them with fresh positive ones .

    Most Internet users don’t continue browsing past the first 10 search results.

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    • Richard Kulch

      I was arrested over five years ago in Mississippi in an internet sting operation. This case is not settled and I would like my name removed from this article. It has affected my work, home and life. I would like to live a normal life and stop being an outcast in my community. I am innocent until proven guilty of this crime. When my name appears on a google search by coworkers, friends and associates I am proven guilty in their eyes. Please help.

      • Dear Richard ,

        thanks for your email .

        First of all I would like to tell you that what we do is to push from the first and second page of google all the negative and defamatory information about you , by replacing it with positive ones .

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    • Paul

      There is some content out there I would like pushed down search pages. Can you please let me know how to contact you for assistance with this process?