How To Batch Convert Word Documents To HTML Files for Free?

I recently received a email from my manager which contained several word documents as attachments, my task was to convert those word documents into HTML files and upload it to our servers.

Though the task may sound as simple as it is, I had quite a few options on how to go about doing the tasks, which included.

  • Manually converting each and every document to HTML files, tediously writing proper HTML code to preserve all the formatting.
  • Convert each of the individual files to HTML using the internal conversion provided by Word.
  • Use a online file converters to convert each of the word documents to HTML files.
  • Use a utility to batch convert Word Documents to HTML files.

The first option was out of question, since it would take me few days to convert 70 word documents to properly formatted HTML documents. The second option was not feasible too, since the internal conversion would create the most dirtiest HTML code you can every come across.

The third option was feasible, however converting individual files would take a lot of time, and my search for Freeware tools to batch convert Word documents to HTML files only returned trial ware or shareware softwares which I did not want to use.

But the good news is that I was able to Batch convert the Word Documents to HTML files, making use of Free services, this post will detail how you can batch convert Word Documents to HTML Files.

How To Batch Convert Word Documents To HTML Files for Free

For batch converting the Documents we will be using couple of   free tools and services, the free tool is Google Docs Uploader and the free service we will be using is . The entire process can be completed in 5-10 minutes in three easy steps.

Step 1: Open the Google Docs Uploader software and upload all the Word Documents to your account.


Step 2: Login to your Google Docs account and navigate to the folder where your uploaded documents are stored and select all the documents you want to convert to HTML files.


Step 3: In the navigation menu on the top, select the More Actions and click on the Save as HTML (zipped) option, this will initiate a download dialog box, where you can now save all the documents that have been batch converted to HTML files.


That’s it, in three simple steps you have batch converted several word documents to HTML and all of that for free, and the process would take less than 5-10 minutes depending on your internet speed.

Do you think this tip is really useful? Do you think there is any better way to batch convert word documents? Do let us know through your comments, we would be more than happy to know your opinions.

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