How To Access Blocked Websites?

There are several times when websites may be blocked in your school, college or at work, though that is not the end of the world, and you would still be able to access the websites by using a proxy website which uses a different IP address than the one directly used by your computer.

This in turn helps bypass your administrator’s block on the actual websites like , Facebook, Orkut and so on.

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Here is a list of proxy servers that you can use to access blocked websites in your school, college or at work.

Thanks for the proxy list Pavan. Do you use any other proxy servers to access blocked websites? Do let us know through your comments, so that users can use them as a alternative.

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  • These websites are also blocked & can’t open any sites is there anything else so that i can open atleast facebook & orkut….

  • Roshdy

    i need an app to access block sites @Nokia C6-00 can u help me plz
    My E.mail is: [email protected]

    thnx a lot

    • Ravi


  • Neo

    I can add the website. My admin blocked WiFi on for website and now I can log in and download, but not upload, but it’s more than nothing right? Have fun.

  • rajesh

    will the computer admin at college find out that we have bypassed the block and catch us?

    • no rajesh, its not possible to any admin to access the privacy of the user.., also here’s a trick for you just download tor browser(search Google for that) and access any block site..,

  • Brandon Rios

    F*ck yeah i love you guys how put this shit up i shall worship you :D

  • ali

    plz help me out ,,,!!! btjunkie is not been accessed from pakistan by horriable PTA ,,,,,

  • diamondd


  • ugh

    ugh it blocked all of them on my computer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!>:(

  • anonamous

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  • thank you try to add more proxy site’s links

  • in our college the proxy servers also blocked in any way to view blocked sites.

  • I am using VPN Account service It is fast and reliable. Good way to unblock sites and bypass Internet limits.

  • omar

    how can i open block site

  • selvarathinam

    hey these are also blocked by my collage admin

  • ryan

    all are blocked

  • Ravi

    all those havin probs accessing proxy sites in college and work place can use ultrasurf… i used to use it in collge….jus dwnld and run ultrasurf software,,,works well with IE,,speed is bit slower than normal connection

  • sameek

    actually the proxy sites are blocked under the category “proxy avoidance”
    so pls let me know any better option
    mail me if possible
    thank you

  • due to slow nature of proxy sites I use hotspot shield vpn ( ) to access blocked websites.

  • ‘Sup peeps! Thanks for the tips! I tried proxies in the past though and figured out that it was a pain! I just setup a VPN and that way I don’t have to try and find a proxy or some other way. Plus they’re incredibly slow, both proxies and free VPNs and such… I’ve installed highspeedVPN, check out

  • No need to use proxies because they are not safe. Just download & install Hotspot Shield.

    Download it from here:

  • dinaafifi

    i am using it works the best for me and i managed to
    unblock any blosked websites freely using my VPN account on my laptop and my iphone.

  • Anna

    A VPN
    is a virtual private network used to access blocked website. I m currently
    using vpn to access blocked website. I found it very easy to use.

  • BrettyDaren

    VPN is the tool and service that has been used by millions of people around the world either to access their favorite (blocked) websites from anywhere around the world or to have save communications through their OS/Devices. I setup VPN on my system and now getting quick access to all geo-restricted sites without any problem. I am sharing with you the list of the quality VPN services, especially the ones that easily help you out to access all blocked sites