How To Access Blocked Websites?

There are several times when websites may be blocked in your school, college or at work, though that is not the end of the world, and you would still be able to access the websites by using a proxy website which uses a different IP address than the one directly used by your computer.

This in turn helps bypass your administrator’s block on the actual websites like , Facebook, Orkut and so on.

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Here is a list of proxy servers that you can use to access blocked websites in your school, college or at work.

Thanks for the proxy list Pavan. Do you use any other proxy servers to access blocked websites? Do let us know through your comments, so that users can use them as a alternative.

57 thoughts on “How To Access Blocked Websites?”

  1. Thanks for the credit Keith. I really don’t use proxy more, but in few cases, it is needed. In such cases I usually go with, and the reason behind is the cool domain name which can be easily remembered :P

    I don’t need proxy as I don’t access internet from anywhere except home. Only I need proxy when there is geo specific barring on some sites. The list comprises of popular ones, that’s it…

  2. hi keith,pls help….
    I am in Shanghai, China and I am having terrible time trying many proxy & still failing to access my blogspot & facebook.
    I am so desperate. Pls advice.

    1. I'm in Shanghai too, and it gets pretty frustrating not to be able to access all these social networking sites like Facebook and Youtube. I'm using Freedur right now to do so, and it's a life saver in some ways, haha. Maybe you should try it? They don't flood you with ads or anything and it's a simple installation. I was using proxy sites to access these blocked sites but they are not so reliable in my opinion and surfing with them isn't that good either.

  3. Try Hotspot Shield…i'm in a Middle East country and I go to any site I want to with this…naughty and nice….lol

  4. In my college wi-fi there are some other sites are restricted to view, how to open that sites,and what are steps to be follow to open that sites

  5. These websites are also blocked & can’t open any sites is there anything else so that i can open atleast facebook & orkut….

  6. it takes me to the website ( facebook ) that i need to go to , but it wont let me sign in… i give this website a THUMBS DOWN !!!

  7. when i access mediafire or its companion site or proxy server then shows these in the redirector category.i have also problem with many video site or social site it shows in the localblock category.i suffering from many problem with the college net. Here many words are block.
    please help me to solve these problems.

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