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By on August 31st, 2009

Being a webmaster myself I have been using several bookmarklets for managing and tracking things, here is a list of bookmarklets that I use on a day to day basis, many of them have been created by me as they were not available elsewhere.

These bookmarklets are specifically created for webmasters and range from useful bookmarklets, site analytics bookmarklets  and social networking related bookmarklets.


Bookmarklets are small Javascript code that perform certain tasks, to make use of the bookmarklets just drag and drop the bookmarklet to your bookmarks bar.

Utility Bookmarklets

Down for just me or everyone – This is a very useful bookmarklet, as it allows you to check whether a particular website is down for just you or everyone else too. You can also make use of the Is My Blog Working, if you are looking for more detailed information.

Convert Webpage to English – Many times we come across content that is written in a non English language, this bookmarklet will help you convert the page to English with a single click.

Clip to Evernote – If you are someone who researches a lot using the internet, this handy bookmarklet will allow you to quickly clip pages to evernote so that you can then keep track of it later.

Take Webpage Screenshot – There are many times when you need to quickly create screenshot of webpages, this bookmarklet will help you do that with one click, it is powered by Aviary.

Run Website Load Time Test – This bookmarklet allows you run tests for a website to see the time it takes to load the full webpage at Pingdom.

Subscribe to Feeds – If you use to subscribe to feeds, this bookmarklet will cut shot the process of subscribing to feeds, just click on it and it will directly take you to Google Reader.

Validate HTML- This bookmarklet will help you check if the HTML on a page is valid using w3.org.

Validate RSS Feed – Run a quick check to see if your RSS feed is having any problem using feedvalidator.org

Check HTTP Headers – This bookmarklet will allow you to check the HTTP Headers sent by your server.

Find Site Info With BuiltWith – This bookmarklet will tell you what technologies are being used by any website.

Save as PDF – This bookmarklet allows you to save any webpage as a file.

Website Statistics Bookmarklet

Page Rank – Using this bookmarklet you can easily find out the page rank of any given page, you do not have to use any additional toolbars.

Popuri Website Popularity – Find the popularity of a website at Popuri.us.

Google Trends – Check the Google Trends for any website.

Alexa Rank – Check the Alexa rank for a given website.

Check Technorati Reactions- This bookmarklet will allow you to check the Technorati Rank for any website.

Compete Site Analytics – Check the site analytics for a website in Compete.

Quantcast Analytics – Check the site analytics at Quantcast.

Quarkbase Website Analysis – Know everything about a website at Quarkbase.

Sitonomy Analysis – Find the technologies that are being used by any website.

Social Networking Related Bookmarklets

Backtweets – This bookmarklet will allow you to check mentions of your blog on the popular micro-blogging service , it also deciphers URLs created using URL shortening services.

Is This Page Stumbled? – This bookmarklet will allow you to check whether a page has been stumbled or not.

Share webpage – Allows you to share a webpage on popular social  networking sites and more, powered by Shareaholic.

Hope these bookmarklets come in handy to you, please don’t forget to share your own bookmarklets with others, it might come in handy.

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