Google’s PAC-MAN Doodle Annoying Users To No End, May End Up Increasing Bing’s Market Share

I must start out with the fact that the PAC-MAN Doodle was probably one of the best I have seen in a long time, but for the next 48 hours there will be so many annoyed users who will switch from using Google to Bing, just because of the nuisance it creates.

Google Pacman Doodle

Google is no doubt celebrating PAC-MAN’s 30th birthday with a bang, however, the same bang can cause it to lose a good chunk of the search engine market in the next two days, which is how long the search giant is planning to run the Doodle on their home page.

There is no doubt that the Google Doodle is really cute and gives many people a chance to play the age-old popular game which is still famous, however, once everyone has had their fills, the annoying sound of the PAC-MAN game will come to haunt you when you want to search.

Take for example this recent comment where Julesc was so annoyed with the Google homepage that she decided to use another search engine, along with pointing us out to the fact that many users are now searching for ways to stop that annoying sounds.

This goes on to show that no matter what you do, you are bound to irk quite a few people on the way, however, I must admit that I personally don’t visit the Google homepage to search and use address bar to satisfy my needs, however, there will be several annoyed users who end up on and quietly make their way to

What was Google’s mistake in this, plain simple, they forgot to add an option to allow users to turn off the sound, which is forcing users to turn their speakers off. Now thanks to Google, you can expect Bing to rejoice with the sound :-).

Update: Google has now finally added a mute button to the home page, if you have found the PAC-MAN sound annoying just go and click the sound icon and the problem should be solved.

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  • Dan Fredericson

    Oh come on… I hope this was written tongue in cheek. Sure, a few people will get annoyed, but really, WHO CARES about it. Hit the search button and it all goes away.


  • Pacman Player

    Come on people – it's Pacmans 30th!

    I used to hear this sound playing in my dreams (showing my age) :)

    I do agree that Google "should" have included a – Mute Sound button or not Auto started it in the first place.

    The easiest way around it is to just start typing as soon as the page loads, this way Pacman will leave you in peace! I would rather be netless then use Bing lol

    • WindyD

      The problem was that it did not stop as soon as you started typing–it kept going on and on.

  • Mr L Mansfield

    you can use Google from most browsers, I use it from Chrome and don't get Pacman. Just boot to another start page and use Google from there.

    • me

      Or just use the built in search bar from most browsers,
      WorkPlaces should have atleast updated to IE7 by now.
      Just because the built in search bar would be more productive.

  • Dr Keith Charlton

    I agree, and will likely switch to Bing

  • Tony

    I cannot believe people are so upset about this. I think it’s quite an amazing thing that they’ve done. It’s a temporary “problem” and one that is easily gotten around by typing a single letter into the search field, turning the sound down, or not keeping google open all day.

    I really hope to see more things like this in the future.

    • zez

      I hope there r no more suprises like this in future. I see the fun in the game but I hate the noise. My computer is used at recording studio and the sound efx blasted through our monitor system and knocked me and my clients on the floor. I used google because of the clean look of page, it's very important the; news, emails, weather etc doesn't come up on large monitors when I need to search in front of people.

    • WindyD

      The thing is that it would not stop even while searching. The noise kept going on and on–there was no stopping it. The noise had taken over the computers for many of us. This noise was an intrusion–like a virus–but purposely done by Google. Thank goodness they did something about it today–but I did find some other great search engines to experiment with. Everything has a reason–even that loud, stupid, screaming pacman noise.

  • OOO my gawd this is a bing dream…I was forced…forced to use bing and IE…which I had to update from v6 cause I don't ever use it… until I found out that by turning off my coolpreviews the ANNOYING Pacman would go away…I am old enough to have played Pacman…I did not like it then and I don't like midi music now….Google…I thought you were totally into the minds of your users…You missed the point on this one…I can hear Bill Gates just cackling…maybe he had a planted PHd on the Google team that suggested this…hahahaahah…it is kinda funny to think about IE..MS vs Google conspiracy theories.

  • GOOGLE you fucking wankers! TUNR that FUCKIGN PACMAN SHIT OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this caused my elderly Mum massive stress we will not being using google again and are now using BING as she flipped her lid as she didnt know what was wrong with her computer: & it took me a while to find out it was comeing from the goodle homepage as we had many otehr windowsopen at once. I was thiningshe had loaded down a virus. Who ever thought that was a good idea as fucked up massively. Yes you provide a good service free of charge but you went way over the line with that.

    Yours ex-customer Mike , England

  • BW

    What a bunch of pussys – all of you! Get over it! – and good luck finding anything useful using Bong, Wahoo, and the other lame POS search engines.

  • ex google fan

    As of yesterday's pacman fiasco, I'm using Bing now. It's rather refreshing and will most likely stay there. Google really needs to make a formal apology about this. Yes, there are a "few" people who think it's hilarious, but the majority of us are really ticked off. Whoever's idea it was to force a pacman game on everyone needs to be reprimanded. Bad idea. Rude. Narcissistic. Childish. Immature. Egotistical. Many of us thought Google was a different kind of company and that's why we chose them as our go-to search engine and home page. Sometimes a breach in trust costs a lot to regain. I think Google messed with too many of us and without a real apology, it's going to be hard to want to come back.

  • Vamien

    The sound can be turned off!!!!!!

  • Screw Google Sound

    I thought I had a computer virus! I am furious Google took liberties with the sound – which also ruined any video I was trying to watch for an important court proceeding. They have just gone too far, freaking me out that I may have to pay a few hundred to remove a virus for 1/2 the frigin day. I looked at all my task manager and could see nothing causing it. I ended up using Firefox with no issue. They should have done some notice. It violated my right to quiet enjoyment.

  • mamoore

    I've had enough of your arrogance. Switching to BING

  • Fat chance…no other search engine is as good as Google. Bing and Yahoo are nothing compared to it and if users switch, they'll probably face greater problems with irrelevant results. Not gonna happen. Personally I find the yahoo home page a lot more annoying…cluttered up. How is Google's page annoying? I don't get it. You don't need to even use the doodle.

  • wharcraff

    I hope Google will be able to add this to the Android Market as a download for their phones. Seems like a no brainer. If there won't be any issues with it.

  • tery

    I do searches from my chrome address bar for me does not really matter. However, I like playing Pac-Man this is my childhood favorite game. Sound does not really bother me. Its just personal feeling!

  • Ehhh, it didn't bother me that much. I don't really search on the homepage anyway. Maybe people are looking for a way to hate google? Kind of a love hate relationship.

  • Bert

    I know that at this point it's all water under the bridge,but it seems that a lot of people are not getting why this Pac-Man stunt was so annoying.

    I'll tell you my experience,which is close to what thousands, if not millions experienced.

    Right from bootup & login I got this whooping siren sound blaring at me.After turning down sound ,checked if any strange apps were running.Did a quick search via Google and saw the Pac-Man logo on the home page.

    Closed browser ,but siren was sill there.Did a ports check and found several connections to

    They all came from various Google programs on my computer.I don't know whether this was deliberate or unintentional ,but it seemed that the stealth logins those programs do ,all resolved to the Google home page.

    Among them ,Picasa,G. Earth, Desktop Search and a couple of other small searchbars I have on the Taskbar.

    The reason was that the hidden browser resolved the URLs to the main domain name, where all the noise was coming from.We're not talking about the

    game sounds -they only work when the game is played.

    This was a continuous siren sound.This "browser re-directs went away after an hour or so ,but the search bars stayed logged on to since the default search engine was set to that.The only way to solve that was to disable the search bars.Again, no visible browser open.

    These are all hidden browsers(connections).Only then would the siren stop. Eventually ,Google put a speaker icon on the doodle and set mute as default ,but only after there were a zillion complaints about it.

    I had several calls from elderly friends who don't have the skill to solve these kinds of problems and were extremely upset about it ,because they had the same experience I had.

    So anybody that criticised the people who complained is in my view very ignorant because they didn't understand the problem.Useless suggestions like clicking Insert Coin etc had no bearing on the problem I described.

    The hidden browser stayed logged-in to,but since that page was not visible ,people got the siren ,since they didn't play the game.How the hell could they if they were not seeing it?

    So this explains why people were so upset.Their normal use of their computer was not possible.They couldn't play any music since it was being drowned out by the damn siren.Hope you're getting it now ;)

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  • lgn

    Why are so many people so uptight. Ok, so the siren thing happened but it was caused by a Firefox plugin. But why do people have to be so easily annoyed. It's really sad. Go outside, do some yoga or something…