Google’s PAC-MAN Doodle Annoying Users To No End, May End Up Increasing Bing’s Market Share

I must start out with the fact that the PAC-MAN Doodle was probably one of the best I have seen in a long time, but for the next 48 hours there will be so many annoyed users who will switch from using Google to Bing, just because of the nuisance it creates.

Google Pacman Doodle

Google is no doubt celebrating PAC-MAN’s 30th birthday with a bang, however, the same bang can cause it to lose a good chunk of the search engine market in the next two days, which is how long the search giant is planning to run the Doodle on their home page.

There is no doubt that the Google Doodle is really cute and gives many people a chance to play the age-old popular game which is still famous, however, once everyone has had their fills, the annoying sound of the PAC-MAN game will come to haunt you when you want to search.

Take for example this recent comment where Julesc was so annoyed with the Google homepage that she decided to use another search engine, along with pointing us out to the fact that many users are now searching for ways to stop that annoying sounds.

This goes on to show that no matter what you do, you are bound to irk quite a few people on the way, however, I must admit that I personally don’t visit the Google homepage to search and use address bar to satisfy my needs, however, there will be several annoyed users who end up on and quietly make their way to

What was Google’s mistake in this, plain simple, they forgot to add an option to allow users to turn off the sound, which is forcing users to turn their speakers off. Now thanks to Google, you can expect Bing to rejoice with the sound :-).

Update: Google has now finally added a mute button to the home page, if you have found the PAC-MAN sound annoying just go and click the sound icon and the problem should be solved.

59 thoughts on “Google’s PAC-MAN Doodle Annoying Users To No End, May End Up Increasing Bing’s Market Share”

  1. Already switched to yahoo and wont be ever switching back, and the noise still persists, i changed my browser and homepage many times cleared cookies rebooted and so on and so on, the noise is still there how could it be? seriously this is a serious security concern.

    1. You guys could try not being tards, and click the noise off option? Also why do you have to go to the homepage anyway? Are you using windows 95? lmfao seriously though theres a freaking searchbar in all browsers now.

      1. 1. the sound option has only just been added

        2. the sound turned on even if you didnt have to go to google

        3. stfu you tosser, do one, you obviously have no idea what you are onabout so best not to say anything. :)


      Good Lord, we're all such babies in this technology age. I guess a day of Pacman is soul shattering enough to want to never use a simple search engine again. Have fun with Yahoo and their shoddy system, chum. Their webpage is a thousand times more annoying than Google can or ever will be.

      Personally? I wish it was Pacman everyday. Awwwyeah. Who's with me, brothas?

  2. Early days, Google differentiated itself by not having banners and distracting graphics. A simple and fast loading page was Google's trademark.

    With this utterly irritating and noisy page Google shows it lost its roots.

    1. it starts the minute you open google homepage. Trust me, I've checked several different ways trying to avoid it. the only way to avoid it is use a different search engine

      1. it does start automatically after a short time. But the mute button has been added. And it's not like it going to be there forever(even though I wouldn't mind). Hardly seems like news but you have to report on something. Go on Google. do ya ting.

    2. It starts a couple seconds after the homepage loads,

      Sure it annoys people, but its one of the funner logos,

      I think a lot of it is a hullabaloo from a lot of old cranky people, who haven't seen a video game ever.

      Workplaces should have mute on anyways.

      I almost never use sound, and if I don't want it on, I turn it down or off.

      Another way to disable the sound is disable flash.

      That's how they have the audio in anyways.

  3. problem is that you can switch your homepage and sound goes in IE. Using firefox I can not get rid of this sound even if I want ti watch or listen to anything using firefox. 'big people geting paid big bucks should not make such a stupid error.

  4. The Pacman noise starts when I open Firefox. I don't even go to google and it is blaring. Someone on the web said to disable Cool Previews.

    Unbelievable that they did not includfe a mute button.

  5. This noise is irritating and awful, interferes with whatever one wants to listen to. If this doesn't stop, Tyrant Google will be assassinated. Why is there no possibility to switch it off? Shouldn't be that difficult.

  6. Here's one way around it for those who still want to use Google as their home page: switch to the iGoogle setting rather than Classic Home until they get rid of the obnoxious thingy.

  7. All I want to say is that many users are terribly annoyed by this noise, and the apparent impossibility to do anything about it. The assassination thing is of course ironic exaggeration, meaning that because of this many people will leave Google, and look elsewhere, leaving so-called Mr Google not dead of course, which is the last thing one wants, but perhaps economically at least lightly wounded. Please stop this noise, so that we can listen to music (Mahler, Chopin, Rufus Wainright) again, and tender love will be returned. Sorry for the immoderate first wording. I am not a native English speaker.

  8. Simply typing a letter in the search field will stop the PacMan game from auto-starting. You don't have to press the Search button, just type a letter in the search field.

    I wouldn't switch to BING…(even though I don't play computer games)…first of all it's controlled by Microsoft, and secondly, I've always found Google searches to retrieve more of the hits I'm looking for.

    The autoplay on the game was a bit annoying, but it made life interesting again!

  9. You guys are fucking stupid. It's just a noise it makes. Get the fuck over it. "Oh no! It's SOOO annoying!" Please explain how it's annoying.. It only turns on if you click 'Insert Coin'. So don't click it.

    1. I think you're the one that's fuckedup.

      Ok ,asshole. I'll explain how it is annoying.When I and thousands of others booted up ,all they got was a frigging siren going on forever ,drowning out any other sounds on the computer.It had nothing to do with having a browser open and going to Google search page.

      This was a stealth redirect of Google apps on the person's computer,redirecting a hidden page to the search page which had the game and if not played (obviously ,since the person didn't see the game) this stupid siren was blaring away.If you don't know what I'm talking about ,you know fuck all about computers.

      This was no different from a virus script.

      So your statement that it only turns on if you click "Insert Coin" is total crap.

  10. I think this is the coolest thing google has done, I can't believe people would switch becuase of one day of sound. Just have patiance and enjoy the game while your at it.

  11. Google gave the internet community a great gift, something to complain about. We all know that the internet isn't truly happy unless it's unhappy about something. Look at these comments alone, facebook groups, people saying Mr Google should be killed, LMAO

  12. If you are still hearing the Pacman music in Firefox even without Google open in any tabs, disable or update the CoolPreviews add-on.

  13. Not only is this sound so irritating and causing endless frustration.. I'm not even on Google, nor use google chrome, but somehow, using Firefox causes the Pac-Man sound to come on.

    I usually have 10 pages with a couple of tabs open and EVERY PAGE is making that annoying Pac-Man sound effect. PLEASE MAKE IT STOP!

    I've cleared my cache, erased all sorts of things, but it's no use.

    I'm a NON-believer in Google now!

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