Google Wave Hands-On Review

Google Wave is an awesome real-time service for sharing docs, sending emails and much more. In-fact it is the most anticipated product of the year and people are already desperate to get their hands on a invite.

Luckily we have access to a developer preview of . Here is a hands-on review of Google wave that talks about some of the features of this much anticipated new service from Google.

Welcome to Google Wave

Once you login to your Google wave account, you will see your Inbox. You can check your recent messages and reply to them from the Inbox.

Google Wave Inbox

You can also sort your messages by using tags. This is a bit similar to the label feature in .

To start a conversation or discussion with contacts you can create a new wave in your account.

To create a new wave: Click on the New wave tab, and start typing. After typing your message just hit done and a  message with add participantswill pop up. You can add participants from your contacts with whom you want to share your wave updates.

Add New Google Wave

You can add unlimited contacts to a wave. However, the contact you want to add should also be using Google wave.

After you have added the contacts you can type your messages in the wave. The messages will automatically be streamed to the contacts in real-time. This will include even the corrections you make while typing. For example, if you make spelling mistakes and hit backspace, everything will be visible to the person you are chatting with.

This feature already exists while editing in collaborative mode.

Google Wave Gadgets

In addition to creating waves, you can also add gadgets to your Wave homepage. Google provides an API for developers to develop their own gadgets. Here are few of the gadgets that I tried.

Google Maps


You can access Google Maps to find directions and more in Google Wave.

Online Invitations


The Online invitations gadgets is a kick-ass tool that allows you to send invites directly within your email message. You do not need to create calendar events to send the online invitations.

There are several other gadgets available in Google Wave that are pretty useful.

Best Google Wave Features

The best feature in Google Wave according to me is the ability to embed your Google wave anywhere on the Internet. You can embed your Google wave on your blog, forums and even inside email messages.

Google wave also acts like a wiki collaborative tool. Anything posted in Google wave, by you or your contact can be edited by anyone.

Google wave also has a playback feature allowing you replay the wave to see if you missed out on any conversations or other things. Users are notified about changes made in the new or old wave through the browser.

Uploading pictures, videos or any other file is very easy with Google Wave. You just need to drag and drop the file inside your mail. The file will be automatically uploaded and inserted into the message, ready to be sent out to your friends.

Google Wave Picture Messages

Voila!! the file is inside your wave ready to be shared. You can view files inside certain wave as slideshows or even copy them to a new wave.

Documents sharing is again very easy. The best part is the undo feature which allows you to revert back changes any number of times.

Overall Google wave is worth waiting for. Google Wave invites will be on its way sometime soon. We will definitely try and hand out few invites to our readers so keep tuned for more information about the invites.

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