Twitter Accounts For Google Products, NO Official Gmail Account

Google and in fact many other corporate have been using to spread out the latest news and send updates to users.

Many of us might be using atleast one or another Google product, so how do you get instant updates for them?


Google has made a list of accounts they have on twitter public to users in a recent blog post, so if you are a Google fan or use one of their products you might want to subscribe to the twitter account that concerns you.

However interestingly Google does not have a official account for yet, the account @gmail is squatted (registered by someone else).

Now that leaves us wondering whether or not Google will go the CNN way and buy off those accounts. What do you think?

And on another note they haven’t mentioned their Google Apps account (@googleapps) too, but most likely that may be squatted as well.

Google Accounts on Twitter [Official Google Blog]

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