Google Trying Its Hand At Related Links

Is Google monitoring your fridge yet? Well, that was just a silly question. Google is trying to get into each and every service on the web. From creating documents with to having people connect with your website recommending content to others and more.


A latest Google Labs experiment is Related Links, which will display related links based on your content. Related Links work like any other plugin which are available for the WordPress platform and display additional links, which are related to the post a user is reading.

Related Links is a tool to help webmasters increase page views on their sites.

Given a page on your site, Related Links can choose the most related pages from your site and show them in a gadget. You can embed this gadget in your page to help your users reach other pages easily.

Related Links also suggests searches that users can run within your site to find even more related pages.

The only difference between this and other plugins/scripts is that, Google will also display related searches for your domain.

I use a much better tool called yet another related posts plugin for and combine it with a trick to use a template to display images in related posts. Will you use this feature by Google?

By the way, did you notice in the screenshot above, the Google related links page uses Make Money onlineas an example, don’t you find that lame, considering that several online scams are related to that?


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