Google Toolbar For Google Chrome, Well Almost

The biggest feature that is missing from is the non-availability of Google Toolbar, many users use it for several reasons, like finding page rank, quickly bookmarking to their Google Bookmarks account and so on.

However there are quite a few Google Chrome Extensions available now, however we researched and discovered one that will bring at-least some of the features of Google Toolbar to Google Chrome.


The goleet extension for Chrome adds in several features from Google Toolbar to Chrome, the extension basically packs in these features.

  • Access to your account (unread emails, one click opening).
  • Access to your account.
  • Option to subscribe to any RSS feed in your Google Reader account.
  • One click translation to English for any webpage.
  • Ability to bookmark a webpage to Google Bookmarks.

To complete the mini Google Toolbar you might also want to add the Google Pagerank extension to the mix.

The current version of the release is 0.2, however we dug through the notes and saw that the developer was working on version 0.3 which has added features, he has also checked in the sources into the repository and added it to the trunk, however version 0.3 is not yet available as a extension.

Don’t forget to check out the entire list of Google Chrome Extensions and also the handy Google Chrome Extension manager.

Download Goleet

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