Google Super Bowl XLIV 2010 Commercial

For the first time in Google’s and Super Bowl history, Google ran a commercial during the 3rd quarter of Super Bowl XLIV (44). The ad focused on how easy it was to search and showed users on how easy it was to find things in Paris, France.

Though the ad was definitely perplexing as it was Super Bowl, it definitely was cute and showed how easy it was to find things using Google, and focused on search, maps, dictionary and Wikipedia.

If you haven’t been able to watch the ad during the Super Bowl, you can watch it over again by viewing the embedded video below.

What do you think of the Google Super Bowl ad? Did you like it? Did you hate it? Do let me know through your comments. Don’t forget to watch the rest of the Super Bowl commercials, don’t know how? Check out our earlier post on where to watch the Super Bowl 2010 commercials online.

7 thoughts on “Google Super Bowl XLIV 2010 Commercial”

  1. Solid commercial. I do have one question though. In doing a commercial based on the life-cycle of a romantic relationship, how does Google not take full comedic advantage of the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button?

  2. Of course this ad had some appeal to the Bud+Doritos masses, but let's face it, this ad was aimed at the advertisers themselves. Look how much google knows about us. Makes all the rest of those low-brow car and junk food spots look blunt and silly. Very effective.

    BTW, the WSJ ad roster doesn't even list this ad. Wonder if it was paid by GOOG at the last minute, or specifically left off the list. Anybody know?

  3. At first I was like HUH!? And then I realized, it was how someone started first studying abroad, someone told him "he was cute" at the cafe, then he tries to impress her by taking her to a movie and getting chocolate. Then he's back in the US wondering how keep up with a relationship oversees, then books a flight, finds a church and gets married, then the have a kid! cute!

  4. I saw the google commerical and thought it did an excellent job showing people how easy it is to search. It also helped defend it position from those dumb bing commercials that microsoft is running. Great Commercial. Funny how Google using a traditional marketing method while Pepsi, chose to go the social media route this year and not run a commercial.

  5. It was good if you're like me and often get side tracked in searches. (I find out the dangedest things.)

    Just wondering if it was worth the 3 million? Or if any of the ads were?

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