Google Is Serious About Spam, Including Their Own Ad Network

Quite sometime back I had posted about a serious problem in Google’s own ad network, where it posted ads without demarcations, to top it Google posted ads that allowed users to buy links at a really throwaway amount all at the cost of the website publisher.

The thing that irked me was that the ad was clearing stating that I as a publisher of the blog was selling links on this site, which was against Google’s policy of selling links and paid links.

I had written that post somewhere last September and did not push it strong enough, the basic problem being me getting busy with several things and then losing interest in pursuing the topic altogether, however it seems that my post did kick some interest with the folks and I can reconcile the events to a recent conversation I had with Matt Cutts (@mattcutts) on .

Though the conversation was one way, this has definitely led my belief that Google does takes matters seriously when it comes to spam or paid ads, let me construct the series of events that let me to believe a bit better in Google.

Here is the first tweet posted by Matt Cutts, remember this has no relation to where we are getting at.


And here are my replies to Matt with regards to this issue. My first tweet was about warning about so called bloglinks


After this I remembered the post I had written quite some time back, which I again link here and send a tweet about it.


After this tweet I have no idea what happened, but a Google search representative contacted me with regards to the post that I wrote and wanted to confirm that I was the one who wrote the post.

A couple of emails later (which I prefer not to share, as it’s not public domain) I am pretty assured, that such things will be taken care in future by their teams.

All in all maybe I mentioned Matt Cutts out of relation and he in turn may not be related to any of the things that happened, but that aside, I am pretty happy on how Google listens and responds to their publishers.

This bridges my trust on using their ads on my site, what about you?

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