Google SearchWiki: Digg Like Voting for Search Results, StumbleUpon Like Sharing and Comments [Exclusive Screenshots]

Just came across a new feature that will be introduced by for the search results, it is basically called SearchWiki and lets you customize search results by voting for them or removing them from your customized search results.


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What Is SearchWiki?

SearchWiki is a new feature being introduced by Google that will help you customize search results with your own rankings, a sort of Digg like voting system you can make use of to promote or remove search results and a social networking tool for sharing and commenting which is pretty much similar to StumbleUpon.

SearchWiki Voting System

SearchWiki has a Digg like voting system that will let you promote or remove a result item from the search results shown to you.


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SearchWiki Sharing Like StumbleUpon

Well that’s not just what SearchWiki does, it also acts like a social networking tool for search engines where other users can see how you have tailored your searches by displaying your Google Account nickname next to the Google search results, this is pretty much similar to how StumbleUpon toolbar display your friends name next to the search results in Google.


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This is a screenshot for a search done in with StumbleUpon toolbar installed, I could not get screenshots for this feature with SearchWiki, but the feature is pretty close to what you see with SU image above.

Comment On Search Results

In addition to voting and sharing, SearchWiki also allows users to comment on search results, though I am not entirely sure of how the comments are used, I believe that it will be used like the commenting system is used with Digg and StumbleUpon.


The comments that you make will be available to the general public who search for the term and use SearchWiki.


SearchWiki definitely looks like a bold move from Google for moving Search engine results to take a more social approach, however, am wondering if Google will let overall results be affected by this, as it could turn out to be pretty disastrous and a real bad way in which people could manipulate search engine results to get to the top.

However on a personalized level it definitely adds more power to the users to choose and view results and for other using the features to get opinions from other users. What is your thought about this?

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