Google Search Sidebar To Get Major Update

Google Search has had tough competition lately with the introduction of . However, the innovation @Google never ends and they have been continuously updating their search to make it much better and useful to users.

Some recent introductions in Google Search labs include:

  • Social search: Allows you to find results from your social contacts in search results.
  • Keyboard shortcuts: Allows you to browse the results using your keyboard.
  • Accessible View: Allows you to navigate search results quickly and easily.

In addition to that, Search Engine Land is reporting that Google is also playing around with a new sidebar which will make the search results more jazzier.


From the looks of it, it definitely looks more jazzier, however, it is also more useful as the sidebar sports links to narrow the search down to particular segments like images, news, books, maps and so on.

In addition to that, the search also provides related suggestions under the See alsocategory. This can come in pretty handy when users are trying to use Google to search for travel destinations since they have more similar options to search from.

Overall the new interface is pretty exciting and it will be good to see it being rolled out soon. One thing is for sure, search is the bread and butter for Google and they will never be buoyed down by competition. And any innovation is always good for consumers like us, may it be new features or new competition, it is a win win situation.

What do you think of the new search interface by Google? Are you impressed? Are you looking for more? Do share your thoughts with us.

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  • Mike

    Googles new side bar is annoying and makes me angry. It used to be easy to search the web but now i have something in my way that just agravaites me. How do I remove it.

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  • Tyler

    Is there a way to make the side bar go away? its bugging me.

  • John

    I hate it. Takes up too much real estate. I need to be able to turn it off, better yet, remove it!!

  • Chris

    Google has compromised usability and the user experience in general for the potential of a few more ad-clicks. Pretty sad.