Google Reader Adds Social Sharing Options, Better Mark as Read and More

Looks like my favorite feed reader did some voodoo magic and read my mind, they have finally added an option to share content on other social networking sites, including and a host of other sites.

Agreed there are several that already allowed users to do that, however I primarily use and it had become a real pain to share interesting content with others.

In addition to the sharing function they have also added several other interesting features, here is a rundown of the new features added to Google Reader.

Send To/Share


This is a feature that will allow you to send the current item to another share, in short you can share content with your friends on other social networking sites.

Currently you can share content on Twitter, , MySpace, Reddit, Digg, StumbleUpon, Delicious and Blogger.


The best part about this feature is that it is not limited to the one’s that are provided by Google Reader and you can easily specify your own social networking site by filling in certain options, easy huh, this is what I like to have no restrictions :-)

More control for mark all as read


Now this is good and another functionality I have been waiting for so long. It happens so that at times I tend to not read feeds for few days or weeks, now when I come back to reader there is a huge overload of unread items, and I simply tend to mark all feeds as read.

This new feature will allow me to specify the date range of the items that need to be marked as read, really superb, since I can mark items that are more than a day older as unread, while still having access to all the latest news.

Feeds from people you follow


This feature allows users to discover feeds and add them to your own account based on the people you follow, you will be shown suggestion on what your friends are reading and will be allowed to subscribe to those feeds.

I was seriously thinking of moving to a desktop reader once again because of the social sharing and control over marking items as read feature, but Google Reader brought me back, this is really great and I love Google Reader for this.

What are your opinions about these changes, do let me know.

A flurry of features for feed readers [Official Google Reader Blog]

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