Google Reader Officially Supports NewsGator, NewsGator Dumps Online Version

today announced their official integration with NewsGator the popular online and offline RSS client, this would now mean that users of RSS clients like FeedDemon and NetNewsWire will now have the ability to sync feeds directly with Google Reader.

In another interesting news, NewsGator has decided to discontinue the use of NewsGator Online, their free web based RSS reader, at the end of August.

However NewsGator Online users will be able to migrate their subscriptions to Google Reader.

Definitely makes a lot of sense since Google Reader has been adding a lot of new and exciting features making it one of the best online RSS feed reader.

Another good news is for users who are looking to read Google Reader from their desktop, this in the addition to the already available Google Reader Desktop clients and Google Reader Desktop Gadget.

What are your thoughts about this news? Do let us know.

A hearty welcome to NewsGator users [Official Google Reader Blog]

NewsGator Consumer RSS Reader Product Changes & Google Sync [Official NewsGator Blog]

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  • Andy

    I subscribe to many RSS feeds, and prefer to receive individual items as emails in Outlook. This way I can use the same set of filters and folders that manage my regular email flows.

    Currently I am using Newsgator Online Email Edition, which allows exactly this kind of access using POP3.

    As far as I can tell, Google Reader works within a browser window, and is not really oriented towards what I describe above.


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