Google Reader Desktop Gadget

It has been long since we have been told you about several Google Reader desktop clients, however the search for a really good one was still left unfinished. That though was only until we came across the Google Reader Gadget for which was today officially announced on the Google Reader blog.

The Google Reader gadget for desktops is really a nice alternative for reading feeds on your desktop, it’s lightweight and offers much of what online Google Reader had to offer.

google_reader_desktop_gadget_main_view google_reader_gadget_individual_blog_view

You can browse folders and individual feeds quickly and easily, clicking on a post will popup a new window where you can read the full content.


You can easily share the content, add notes to it, email it and edit tags associated with the feeds. You can also search for content using the Google reader gadget, definitely a worthwhile gadget to have for reading Google Reader content from your desktops.

This project was created using the 20% time that Google allows its developers to spend working on their own pet projects.

Download Google Reader Gadget [Official Google Reader Blog]

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