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Google Reader is no doubt one of the best online RSS feed readers, however I have been using Feedly for the past few months, however the constant changes that Feedly has been pushing down users throats has made me decide to switch to a desktop client that will allow me to read and sync feeds with my Google Reader account.

If you are looking for a desktop client for Google Reader, we have found quite a few alternatives that you can use, the alternatives consist of regular softwares as well as applications.

Scoop (Adobe Air)

Scoop is a interesting Adobe Air application that allows you to pull feeds from your Google Reader account and view them on your desktop.


Scoop has a simple interface and can synchronize content from your Google Reader account, you can also add and delete feeds from your account, overall a really nice application for reading feeds from your desktop.

Scoop Features:

  • Instant notifications of breaking stories
  • Offline mode – Scoop will cache/store your read stories and downloaded feeds enabling you to review on the train or in other scenarios where you’re temporarily offline.
  • Ability to import and export Scoops – custom built collections of RSS feeds provided by and it’s members.
  • Scoop image mode – review your scoops by the images they contain and various other innovative ways to review Scoops!
  • Google Reader synchronization – Scoop can automatically synchronize with your existing Google Reader subscriptions meaning any new RSS feed you add to Scoop will seamlessly add to Google Reader and vice verse. Scoop will also synchronize any read items with Google Reader.

Download Scoop

RSS Bandit (Desktop Software)

RSS Bandit is a desktop based RSS reader which synchronizes feeds with Google Reader and NewsGator Online.


RSS Bandit provides a Microsoft Outlook styled browsing pane, where you can access all the feeds from the left sidebar.

Download RSS Bandit

ReadAir (Adobe Air)

ReadAir is a Adobe Air based desktop client which syncs with your Google Reader Account. ReadAir provides users with two themes, OSX Themed or Windows Themed.


ReadAir lacks a lot of functionality which we would like to see, such as the ability to hide read items, share them with or star them and so on.

However you can manage tags and subscribe or unsubscribe from feeds.

Download ReadAir

Do you use any other tool to access Google Reader from your desktop? Do tell us about them through your comments. And by the way, if you are not reading this in your RSS Reader, we highly recommend you subscribe to our feeds now.

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