Buy Picasa Web Storage and Get 4GB SDHC Eye-Fi Card Free

In order to get more and more users to buy additional web storage on Picasa, Google has come up with an irresistible deal. If you buy 200GB storage space, which costs $50, you will get a free 4GB SDHC Eye-Fi card worth $95.


The Eye-Fi card lets you wirelessly upload photos and videos directly to Picasa Web Albums or to your computer. It even includes automatic geotagging, so you’ll know exactly where your pictures were taken.

Right now rules the roost when it comes to photo-sharing and storage. Google Picasa is also pretty famous, however it still has a lot of market to capture.

Will you buy extra storage space to get a free memory card for your camera?

Picasa & Eye-Fi Deal [via Official Google Blog]

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  • I am having to upgrade storage on Google. Which 4GB SDHC Eye-Fi Card does one get with the Google 200 MG storage offer? Explore or Share? Is this the same offer as Picasa? Will I need to buy extra storage on Picasa, too?

    • @Melanie – You can find all the information the SDHC Card deal at this page

      This deal is currently available for Picasa, I am not sure if it will be applicable for other Google services.

  • Actually Keith with 200 GB offer does not indicate which Eye-Fi card comes with either Picasa's offer OR Google's.

    Is it the SHARE or the EXPLORE 4GB SDHC Eye-Fi Card?


    • rcastle

      It's a 4GB Home (which is not offered on the website) but as long as you continue to use it with Google you get Web Sharing and Geotagging which are worth $25/year.

      Details here:

      Great deal IMHO.