Google Notebook Alternatives / Replacements

Google Notebook has been a nice tool which allowed users to take notes and store web clippings online, however with the announcement of stopping development on Google Notebook has got many users to think about a switch to a alternative note taking application or service.


We do have a list of sticky pads which you can use for note-taking, however there are several other full-fledged replacements for Google Notebook which provide the same note taking features. We recommend our personal favorite Evernote to users as a worthwhile replacement for Google Notebook.

If you are looking for other alternatives, you can give a try to Zoho Notebook, we also have a tutorial that will help you import notes from Google to Zoho with ease.

There are quite a few other Google Notebook Alternatives/Replacements out there and Digital Inspiration has put up a list of web clipping softwares, that function and work pretty much like Google Notebook. Amit also has another interesting tutorial, where you can learn to move your web clippings out of Google Notebook.

The CEO World has also put up a amazing list of alternatives for Google Notebook, the list is pretty extensive and covers a large amount of replacements.

There are few other places where you can find information about Google Notebook alternatives/replacements.

So what is your favorite pick? Which note-taking software are you going to switch to? Do you have your personal favorites, you would want to recommend? Do let us know through your comments.

9 thoughts on “Google Notebook Alternatives / Replacements”

  1. I keep thinging that Google may stumble a little at the top, but they keep innovating. And innovating in the right ways. I’ve seen little backlash to date. Kudos.

  2. I don’t know that this will be a big issue for a lot of people but if you read the Terms of Service for Evernote they own everything you submit to them.
    Google is still hands off in that department…

  3. iCyte (www.icyte,com) is a great alternative. Let’s you clip web pages, tag them, add notes. All are saved, and searchable. Great interface, intuitive and simple to use, but powerful search and annotation functions. Been using it for everyday stuff, as well as serious web-based research.

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