Google Maps India adds Landmarks for Driving Directions

Driving directions has always been part of Google Maps for countries such as US and UK, however, now India has got a superior navigation system for driving directions thanks to Google Maps India. This is pretty good news as India is made up of smaller lanes which are easy to miss, this in turn adds to driver woes.

Here is a screenshot of driving directions from my old house to my new house in Mumbai with focus on landmarks.


Google Maps driving directions for India, focuses more on landmarks, which is usually how people get through from one place to another. For example, if I wanted my friend to come to my house, I would give my home address and add, next to Mangatram Petrol Pump, or near St Xaviers School. This in turn helps users to quickly find locations.

Google Maps provides users with directions based on popular landmarks like schools, petrol pumps, government offices and so on. This is really a good advancement and though Tom Tom system is still not required in India, a mobile phone with internet would suffice users to find directions with Google Maps.

Currently Google Maps for India only supports Driving directions, there is no support for walking directions and public transport directions, however, hopefully it should be added in future.

You will find more info about the new Landmarks in Driving directions at the Google India Blog.

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