Google Internet Bus Travels to “God’s Own Country” Kerala

Google Internet Bus Travels to “God’s Own Country” Kerala

Google has initiated a unique way of educating the masses about Internet and its benefits, by visiting rural areas in India with the Google Internet Bus.


Over the last 10 months, Google has travelled across 60 towns in 4 states to give many users a first-hand experience of the Internet, teaching them about search, email and more.

Now, Google’s Internet Bus has crossed into Kerala, which is a state which many people refer to as God’s Own Countryfor its scenic beauty. Google will use interactive content available in both English and Malayalam to teach the people, and also allow the people to map their cities in Kerala on Google Maps.

I find this initiative very helpful as Internet is the way to go, and no matter where you are, you should have this wonderful tool at your fingertips. With help from Google, farmers could easily lookup weather or find fertilizers and more information about better farming, this is just a use case, but the possibilities are immense.

Watch the Google Internet Bus in action in Kerala after the jump.

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