Get Email Notifications When Someone Updates Your Google Docs Form

Quite sometime back we had shown you how to use the power of Docs to create online surveys that capture information from users. However there was a small drawback we pointed out where Google did not send you alerts if anyone filled out the form.

Turns out that Google does have ears for missing features and they have now rolled out a option to send email alerts whenever someone fills up a form created using Google Docs.

The Digital Inspiration blog pointed out a new feature where users can get email alerts whenever a form has been filled out.

To get email alerts when anyone updates your Google Docs form, click on the Share button while editing the form and click on Set Notification rules.

set-notification-rules-in-share setup-notification-rules

A inline window should popup that will show the options to setup the email alerts when anyone edits the form.

This is a really cool feature, and will definitely help people to know as and when forms are filled up.

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