Google Chrome Wish List

has been releasing some excellent updates and already has support for Extensions, however the browser is not yet perfect in fact it lacks some basic features and also has some annoying ones.


Here are few things that we would like the developers to work on before they keep adding newer and newer features.

Basic XML Parsing

Being a developer I deal with a lot of XML content in the browser, however Chrome does not even have the capability to parse XML files, in fact it does not even render XML content properly. You can use a extension to render XML properly in Chrome, but is it that hard to add some basic XML support?

RSS Parsing & Discovery

An annoyance that stems from the above problem of non-availability of XML support, however besides that Chrome does not have the capability to also auto-detect RSS feeds.

Whenever I want to subscribe to a site, I need to keep searching for the RSS buttons, even though the site itself has auto-discovery options.

Loading Source From Cache

A big pain with Chrome is that whenever you try to view source of a webpage it reloads the entire page from the server instead of serving it from the cache.

This is a big annoyance and makes Chrome a big no-no for debugging, the problem is not so much with Get requests, however when you are debugging post requests and want to view source code it simply fails because it tries to reload the source and without the post parameters all you see is errors.

Lesser Freezing & Better Flash Handling

Using a beta or development version has its own perils, however it would be good if there would be lesser crashes in the browser, however considering that it is a beta I have not seen much crashes with the browser.

However Google Chrome has a problem with handling flash and many a times the browser freezes when using or other flash intensive websites, I definitely like to see them improve upon this.

Chrome Forgets Settings

Every once in a while Chrome decides to forget the settings I have setup and resets it to default, though this happens very rarely this is really very annoying, I hope that in future version they do not forget my settings.

Ask When Closing Multiple Windows

Though there have been a lot of discussion about this on chrome forums, they decided not to add this feature. I don’t understand why they have to rob users of something so useful, because more often than not I close multiple windows by mistake and it gets very annoying to restore all of them.

If they have a certain philosophy so be it, however at least provide users with an option to choose whether or not they want it.

What’s In Your Mind?

What other features would you like to see in Google Chrome? The comment form is all open so don’t forget to tell me your Chrome wish list.

8 thoughts on “Google Chrome Wish List”

  1. Here is my addition to exisiting wishlist
    1) More informative Status. If space is a constrain they show the complete url on mouse over over a status
    2) Also suggest include IP (previously visited IP’s) while typing address
    3) plez include “http://www.” when we select an address from suggested list. this way we share (copy & paste) links easily specially on twitter

  2. Favorites keywords !!! It’s the MOST important feature EVER to appear in a browser. I love Firefox because of it !!!

    It makes for a much more capable search box… It’s an amazing, wonderful little thing.

    I type “img flower” on the address bar and I get all Google images for “flower”.

    I type “g clock” and I get all Google English results for “clock”. Or “g-fr monde” for Google French results for “monde”.

    It works like that, in case you don’t know yet: you put keywords “g”, “g-fr” and “img” on a favorite. Let’s see the “img” favorite, for example:

    keyword: img

    And the %s does all the tricks! Simple, powerful, customizable, everything you’d need. I can’t live without it anymore. I have dozens of searches configured in FF now, and I won’t switch until it supports that.

    1. Oh wait! It does support search keywords! But it’s cumbersome to edit and it isn’t integrated with favorites… But yeah, I guess I can make the switch now! :D

  3. I would like to see a setting that can be assigned on a bookmark by bookmark basis, that allows me assign a “Always open as incognito” option to the bookmark. This way I can open some bookmarks as incognito, and others as normal.

  4. One of the features I really enjoy that I learned about is asking me to restore my previous session or before signing out, asking me if I want to save my browser session. As a programmer I find great information on the web that can help me learn and become a better programmer (newbie here), so having this option would be VERY handy. IT was an option in FireFox 3 or 4, but when I updated, it was no longer an option. For this reason I use RockMelt to save my browser session, if Google would do the same, I would switch to them 100%.

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