Chrome Session Saver Saves All Tabs and Reloads Them On Demand [Featured Google Chrome Extension]

There are so many interesting available for usage, however we came across one that will come in extremely handy.

The Session Saver allow users to save Chrome sessions and restore them later, this is something that is very useful, as there are times when you may want to close the browser while performing upgrades or when shutting down your computer.

Since Google Chrome does not have any inbuilt session manager, you will have to manually copy all the URLs and load them again.


Once you install the Session Saver extension, it will add a save icon to the toolstrip. When you click on the save icon it will popup a new window where you can specify a name and save the current session to disk.


To restore sessions click on the save icon and select the session you want to restore and click on the load button.

Definitely useful and handy extension we recommend to every Google Chrome user. This extension will not help you to restore crashed sessions, to do that read our earlier tutorial on How to restore tabs for crashed session in Google Chrome.

Download Session Restore for Google Chrome

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