Google Chrome RSS Support

is definitely a browser worth using, however it still lacks quite a lot of features for mainstream users, which includes lack of support for add-ons like and the lack of RSS support.

In the past though we have told you about several bookmarklets, that would help you add some of the missing features to Google Chrome.

If you miss the RSS support in Google Chrome, there is a simple way in which you can now add support through the use of a bookmarklet. To get RSS support for Chrome, follow the simple steps listed below.

Step 1: Visit in Google Chrome.


Step 2: Drag the bookmarklets to View RSS Feedsand Auto-Detect RSS Feedsto your browser bookmarks bar.


Step 3: When you are on a website that supports feed, click on Auto-Detect RSS Feeds bookmarklet, it will show you the options to subscribe to the feed. You can also use the View RSS Feeds to convert the feed into a readable format, with subscription options by clicking on the View RSS Feeds bookmarklet while browsing the actual feed URL.

Do you use any other bookmarklets with Chrome? Do share them with us, through your comments.

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