Google Chrome Has 30 Million Users, Developers Get Multimillion-Dollar Stock Bonus

, the lightweight browser from Google has more than 30 million users. This fact was stated in a recent post on the Official Google Blog. To celebrate the innovation, the development team of Google Chrome was awarded the Founders award, which consists of a multimillion-dollar stock bonus for the entire team.

A good example is Google Chrome, which in only a year, has more than 30 million active users. Larry and Sergey recently gave the Chrome team a Founders Award, a multimillion-dollar stock bonus shared by the Googlers who worked across functions and regions to create and launch that product.

Considering that Google Chrome just completed one year, reaching 30 million users is definitely a great achievement. I have been a early adopter of Chrome, and downloaded it the day it launched. Slowly but surely my loyalties shifted from Firefox to Chrome.


Google Chrome has several features which make it a cut above the rest, at least for me. It boasts of Auto-correct for spelling mistakes, which is an awesome feature, and can come in pretty handy while writing emails or creating documents online.

A recent report on the browser market share suggests that Google Chrome has gained a decent market share, and now serves 3.58% users. This number may quickly jump up, once are ported to the stable version. From my experience of talking to users, there are many who are eager to make the jump to Chrome once extensions are widely available.

What about you? Do you use Google Chrome? Do you think it is really better than other browsers? Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us.

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