Google Chrome Grows Up, Celebrates 1st Birthday

Last August I was debating whether I should be using more of or , that decision was a bit hard since both of them are really good browsers.


However behind the scenes Google had been working on their own browser secretly.  On September 2nd 2008, out of the blue they dropped the biggest bomb on unsuspecting users by introducing .

To be honest I loved it at first glance, the browser was so sleek and lightweight, that my thoughts about the decision to use Firefox or Opera quickly vanished and I started using Chrome full time.

Agreed that Chrome was new and did not have a lot of features that Firefox or Opera had, but steadily over a year now it has grown to become a much better browser, with support for and User scripts, an excellent feature in the form of auto spell check and corrections, bookmark synching, a excellent unit converter and calculator and many more that has made it my default browser.

However even though there are several things worth noting, I am still not satisfied with the browser as it lacks quite a few things yet, you can see my Google Chrome Wish List to find out more.

All said and done it is really great to have used Chrome for the past one year, here is wishing Google Chrome a very happy 1st birthday and hope that it keeps improving day by day.

Google Chrome Turns 1 [Google Chrome Blog]

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