Google Chrome Extensions Manager

More and more Google Chrome Extensions are cropping up for , however there is no proper management options available for managing extensions and the process of uninstalling and disabling extensions is manual right now.

However if you are trying out extensions, a handy script called Add-on Management+ will allow you to manage, disable, uninstall extensions and more.

Managing extensions with the script is easy, just save this batch file (right click and save as) to your PC, and double click on it to open it up.


You will see a lot of options out there, just type the number according to the action you want to perform and click on enter. For example if you want to disable any extension, type 2 and press enter.


You will be shown a list of extensions that are currently enabled, just type the number against the extension you want to disable and click enter, you can re-enable the extension by going back to the main screen and choosing enable a disabled extensions.

In addition to that you can also completely uninstall an extension, run Chrome with extensions and user scripts support and so on.

Definitely useful and worth using to manage extensions till Chrome comes up with a user interface to do the job.


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