FFChrome Brings Google Chrome Contextual Right Clicks To Firefox [Featured Firefox Extension]

After having installed over 50 extensions in Firefox, my right click menu has grown over bounds, the one thing I live above is the fact that it only shows me only essential contextual options when I right click on certain objects in a page.

For example take a look at the screenshots, for the contextual menus shown when I right click on a image or link in Google Chrome.

google-chrome-image-right-click-contextual-menu  google-chrome-link-right-click-contextual-menu

And then compare it with screenshots from contextual menus in Firefox.

firefox-image-right-click-contextual-menu  firefox-link-right-click-contextual-menu

As you can see, Firefox literally shows me every un-required option while right clicking, which is what FFChrome wants to solve. FFChrome is a must-have add-on for that will definitely save you a lot of time searching for the right option while clicking on any object in a page, so if you select a snippet of text you will be shown only copy-paste options and so on.

Here is how the Firefox contextual menu looks after installing FFChrome.

ffchrome-firefox-image-contextual-menu ffchrome-firefox-link-contextual-menu

FFChrome Features

  1. It will optimize your context menu and show only the bare essential items.
  2. It will allow you to see the unwanted items on the fly by clicking "Show All". You can again collapse it to bare essentials on the fly.
  3. All disabled items are taken out by default. What will one do with the "paste" item when you haven’t copied anything?
  4. Ease of use – all changes happen on the fly.
  5. It is contextually sensitive. It knows and respects the context in which you use it. For e.g. context menu items relating to links or images etc. will only show when you right click on a link or an image etc.

Download FFChrome [via Slimmer and Click-less Right Click Menu]

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