Google Chrome To Get Cloud Synchronization

More than a year ago Google had pulled the plug on Google Browser Sync a very handy   for that would allow users to sync their browser settings with a external server in the cloud.

Back then hadn’t even debuted but that decision didn’t go down very well with many users, however there was a good alternative in the form of Weave from Mozilla.


However a interesting news is floating around, according to a design document Google will offer Chrome users the ability to synchronize the settings with their Google Account.

This is definitely good news as it will allow users to use Chrome on multiple PCs without have to worry about copying their bookmarks and settings, more likely than not it will work similar to how Google Browser Sync worked for Firefox.

This feature will initially be available to development version users and later on gradually rolled out to everyone. In the meantime do start using one of the several Google Chrome Extensions available to users.

2 thoughts on “Google Chrome To Get Cloud Synchronization”

    1. @Manan – I agree that it would definitely make Chrome a killer, about the freezing thing I have seen it too, it is usually because of Flash based sites, I usually use Process Exlporer and kill the window using the highest CPU, that allows me to continue using the browser session without it crashing fully.

      Another thing I do is to keep a shortcut to restore closed windows, this helps to get back to where you left, also after a crash you will see a link to open all tabs in the history menu :-)

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