Google Chrome Adds Bookmark Sync Support

A few days ago we told you how was in the process of adding Bookmark sync support that would allow users to sync their bookmarks with a Google account.

The latest dev version of Google Chrome 4 (v4.0.201.1) now includes bookmark sync support, this will allow you to sync your local bookmarks to your Google account.

The bookmarks will be synced using XMPP technology that also powers Google Talk, to enable bookmark sync you will need to start Chrome with the –enable-syncflag.


Once you do that go to Click on the Wrench icon and select Sync my bookmarks to setup your bookmarks with your Google account.


Once you setup your account Google Chrome will automatically sync your bookmarks with your Google account, you can then re-sync them on another computer.

Definitely useful, however to start using this service you will have to upgrade to the latest dev version of Google Chrome.

4 thoughts on “Google Chrome Adds Bookmark Sync Support”

  1. The command line parameter (flag) needs to have two dashes in front of the parameter:

    Like this “–enable-sync” (leave out quotes)

    Going out to get the latest dev version. Thanks Keith!

    1. Yikes! The blog comment removed one of the dashes! I guess it’s not your fault. I typed in two of them above, now only one is showing.

      Let’s try three dashes to see what happens:

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