Google Chrome 3 Released: Includes Auto Spelling Corrections and Support For Video Tags

Just a few days back Google released a faster version of , however those who are using development and beta versions of Chrome have already been moved to version

This version adds a couple of exciting features, first of all it adds support for using the video tag as proposed in HTML5.

Another exciting addition is the addition of Auto Spelling Corrections where typos like tehwill automatically be converted to thein the blink of an eye, this feature is really handy for people who type fast and have to go back and correct typos made for common words.

Take a look at the image below to see the auto check in action.


Incidentally this feature adds a auto Spell checker to when you edit documents using Chrome, another feature that is part of Microsoft Office.

Auto-check is not enabled by default for text fields, however you can change that by right-clicking on the text box and select Check spelling for this field from the Spell Check options. Thanks @aalaap.


To enable this feature you will have to use the –auto-spell-correct flag while starting Chrome.

In addition to this there are several other UI clean-ups and other fixes, you can read the entire release post at Chrome Release Blog.

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