Google China Gets a New Doodle Representing 4 Inventions in China

The Google China controversy has snowballed into a huge media event and has already received condolences from Chinese users. However, it looks like Google is continuing to do what they do, before they may or may not pull out operations from China.

Google China Doodle

If you visit Google’s China page today (, you will be greeted with a which showcases the 4 great inventions of China.

What are the 4 Great Inventions?

  1. Paper Making
  2. The Compass
  3. Gun Powder
  4. Movable Type

If you want to read more about the inventions, you can visit this page (English Translation). Incidentally the first result which shows up on clicking on the Google Doodle is from Baidu, the biggest search engine in China.

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