Google Calendar On Your Desktop

Quite sometime back Google had released a useful Gmail Gadget for the Desktop, using which users could keep a eye on their email from the comfort of their desktop, turns out Google didn’t stop there and they have now introduced a new gadget for Google Calendar users.

The Google Calendar Gadget for Desktops will help you keep track of your appointments from your desktop, new improvements to the gadget include a cleaner interface, support for Google Apps calendar and three different viewing modes.


Clicking on the event will show you details which include a map of the location, list of attendees and start and end times. The Google Calendar gadget also allows you to quickly add events, without leaving your desktop.

Google Calendar Desktop gadget requires you to have 5 or above. You can download it here. You will have to remove the old Google Calendar gadget before you can install this one.

Download Google Calendar Desktop

3 thoughts on “Google Calendar On Your Desktop”

  1. i don’t have Google Desktop yet , so i think i must download the latest one . so i will try Google Calendar , but i want to say what google try to do ? they will control the internet world soon !!

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