W00t!!! Google Calendar Gets Labs Too

Looks like lots of engineers in Google are making use of their 20% to work on personal projects. After the success of , the folks at Google have now launched Labs for Google Calendar.

To access Labs feature in Google Calendar, you will need to go to settings and click on the Labs tab.

There are 6 new Labs features available right now for Google Calendar.


The available features include:

  • Ability to add background images to your Google Calendar
  • Ability to attach document, spreadsheet or presentation to a event.
  • World Clock for displaying time across the world.
  • A feature to jump to any given date.
  • A feature to display the next meeting that is coming up on your agenda.
  • And a ability to set your status as free or busy.

The available features already look pretty interesting and like we are pretty sure to expect more exciting features.

What do you think of the new Labs features in Google Calendar?

Introduction Google Calendar Labs [Official Google Apps Blog]

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