Google Calendar Adds Snooze

Every morning when I wake up, I snooze the alarm clock about 3-4 times, to buzz me again. The snooze function basically shuts down the alarm for a few minutes and starts buzzing again after 5 minutes.

If you add calendar events in Google Calendar or Outlook and have them open, you will get notifications about upcoming events. Outlook provides you with an option to Snooze the event and remind you after a certain time limit.


According to Google OS, Google Calendar has added a similar feature, where users can choose to be reminded again about a event after 5 minutes. To make use of this feature, you will have to have the Google Calendar webpage open in your web browser.

You can always chose to receive SMS alerts for your events, and even sync Google Calendar events with Outlook. If you are using , you might also want to checkout a , which allows you to setup a alarm inside the browser.

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