Ultimate List of Tips And Tricks for Google Buzz
By on February 11th, 2010

So has been released and you have been wondering what all the buzz is all about. Google Buzz is a just a social networking platform for Gmail and other Google products which helps you share and discuss with your friends and followers.


Think of Google Buzz as a cross between , and Friendfeed. But now that you know what Google Buzz is in plain words, do you know how to make best use of it? Well if not, here is another from us which will list out all the useful tips and tricks for using Google Buzz.

This list will be non-exhaustive and will be updated as and when we come across new tips. If you have any tips to share, feel free to add it through your comments.

Best Tips and Tricks for Google Buzz

How To Do Everything in Google Buzz – Trust Gina Trapani to give you the best tips when it comes to using Google Products. In this post Trapani lists out several things that you can do with Google Buzz.

5 Google Buzz Tips for the Advanced User – Sarah Perez from Read Write Web has some excellent tips for advanced users of Google Buzz.

How to Make Google Buzz Follower Lists Private – By default, Google Buzz follower lists are publicly available for others to view through your Google Profile. Business Insider has some tips on how to make them private. A similar tip is also available at Life Hacker.

4 Google Buzz Hacks for Users, Developers, and Haters – Love Google Buzz or Hate it, these tips will help you get around some of the common problems in Google Buzz.

How to Disable Google Buzz – Our own tip on disabling Google Buzz and banishing it forever.

How to Hide Update Count in Gmail – If you want to use Google Buzz but don’t want to see the number of updates it has, you could use a script to hide the counter.

Get Rid of Email Updates from Google Buzz – Tips to hide email updates from Google Buzz, you can either create a filter or disable the system label from showing up.

Add any Blog or RSS Feeds to Google Buzz – Want to add your Blog RSS feed or any other RSS feeds to Buzz? Here is how you can do it. The good thing is that, this question was answered using Google Buzz itself.

How to Bring Google Buzz Updates to Twitter – Google Buzz does not officially support sending updates to Twitter, till they do, Louis Gray has us covered. Head over to the post to learn how to bring your Google Buzz Updates to Twitter.

More tips will be added as we come across them. Don’t forget to share this and tell us your own tips through your comments.

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