Google Book Downloader Downloads Books Easily

I have literally found tons of books using Google Book Search, however browsing the books online is time consuming and I would definitely want a way to download those books and read them at my leisure.

Not that we haven’t unearthed something that already does that, the Google Book Downloader for desktops is something I often use, but the software does require users to perform several steps, like finding the right book id and so on.

However I came across another easy and quicker way to download books from Google quickly and easily with the help of and .

The Google Book Downloader Greasemonkey script is a surefire way to save time and quickly download books that you come across on Google Book Search.

download books from google book search

Just install the script and you will see a link to download the books from Google Book Search.

choose book download page

Once you have installed the Userscript, you will see a link to download the book in the right hand side navigation, clicking on this link will give you a option to choose from which page should the book be downloaded from.

Once you have selected the page number to start from the Userscript will begin downloading the book  and save it to your hard drive create download links for the pages, clicking on which will save open the page.

Download Google Book Downloader Userscript

4 thoughts on “Google Book Downloader Downloads Books Easily”

  1. This is going to sound like a dumb question, but I’ve checked the script’s website and can’t find any info:

    Where the **** does it save the book to? I’ve downloaded a couple of books, all seems to go well, I get the “completed” message… but I can’t find them on my hard drive. There seems to be no way to configure the download location, and hence work out where it’s put them!

    1. @Mosh sorry for the confusion, looks like the script will only create links to download the individual pages and not actually download the content to your drive.

  2. thanks for this add on but it does not help opening the books after downloading them. otherwise, it is a perfect add on thanks for it and keep me updated about your new add ons

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