Google Blog Search Gets A Facelift, Adds Content Browser, Trends and Categorization

Google Blog Search just got a small major update today bringing several Google News features into it. In the earlier versions the Blog search page showed you only a search box, but visiting it now will show you a browsable archive of indexed content over the past few hours, just like Google News does.


In addition to that they have also added categories to the left hand side, which will allow you to view topics of your choice. Another major difference is that users will see lesser duplicate content as Google bunches all blogs for a similar topic into a single entry and displays it to the user.


This will definitely come in useful, when there is a major product release, allowing users to view the best content and browser the rest only if they want. Google Blog Search has also introduced trends into search results showing users how many blogs have written about any particular content in the past few hours.


Regular blog search results continue displaying all the data as earlier. What do you think about the new updates, do you think they will help you find content easily?

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