Live Coverage of Nexus One/Google Android Conference Online

The Google Android/Nexus One Conference is scheduled to go live at 10AMPST (1PM EST) and not many of you might be able to actually see the conference as no video cameras are being setup for the /Google Android Conference.


However, you can follow the live coverage from the press who will be attending the Google Android Conference. Here are some sites where you can catch up with live conference notes.

Live Video Streaming of the Google Android/Nexus One Conference

Watch the live coverage of the event right here.

Live TV by Ustream

What You Can Expect at the Google Android/Nexus One Conference

  • Official Launch of Android 2.1
  • Official Launch and Pricing details for Nexus One
  • Future of Android OS in mobile and tablet computing
  • An array of phones running Android OS
  • Other official announcements with regards to Nexus One and future of Android 

We will keep this list updated as we come across more live streaming. In the meantime checkout our earlier posts which covers Nexus One from rumors to reality and some Exclusive screenshots of Nexus One Privacy Policy and Terms of Sale. You might also want to check out a Hands-on 10 minute video of Nexus One.

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