Google Analytics To Get Major Upgrade, Including AdSense Integration

Google Analytics, one of the most popular and free website statistics service will be rolling out a major upgrade today. The AdSense blog has also posted some screenshots which show the new integration module for AdSense and Google Analytics.


The new integration will allow you to see AdSense performance on a page to page basis, allowing you to make informed decisions about ad placements. According to TechCrunch, the major changes to Analytics include:

  • Custom Reports  – Lets you create reports using any source of data.
  • Audience Segmentation – Lets you look at custom slices of your Website’s audience
  • AdSense integration
  • Analytics API – So that developers can communicate with Google Analytics account to create custom reports.
  • Bubble Charts – The new motion charts allow you to visualize data across five dimensions.
  • User Interface Tweaks

Overall looks like a interesting set of changes, the new changes have not yet been rolled out, but we are more than excited about them. What about you?

4 thoughts on “Google Analytics To Get Major Upgrade, Including AdSense Integration”

  1. It is a good move by the big G to combine the two. Using analytic algorithm to track adsense is very welcoming. To my understanding, it’s only available to some adsense account, is it not?


  2. I don’t it’s available on all publisher, is there any official announcement for this adsense function..

    i have a question how about using adsense and a different analytics account?

    is this possible?

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