New Google AdSense Format Allows Users To Search Advertisers

Just came across a new format in the wild, while testing some theme changes with Techie Buzz.

The new format basically displays links like search results from the advertiser website, and provides users with a search box to search for more solutions from the advertisers.

While this is a innovative format, I did not actually test searching the search box, since I do not want to violate Google AdSense terms on clicking on one’s own ads.

Google AdSense Ads With Search Forms

However this format is definitely something different and means that Google AdSense team is innovating with a new format, however there are lot of questions to be answered here.

  1. Will Google pay publishers if a user searches for content.
  2. Google overrode my AdSense style by adding a border to the AdSense block, is Google right at doing this?
  3. Would a user think that they are actually interacting with the current site instead of thinking they are using Google?

What do you think about this? Do you think this format will work out for publishers or act negatively.

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