Gmail Leaves Beta, Long Live Gmail Beta

has by far been a product that has been in beta for the longest possible period we have seen, not that the features in Gmail were buggy or anything, the Beta tag lived on and stuck to it.

If you login to your Gmail account, or refresh the page if you already have it open, you will no longer see the beta text under the logo.


This is definitely a huge step forward for one of the best innovations email has ever seen, I have been a early adopter of Gmail, and when it launched more than 5 years back, it looked something different, something we were never used to.

I remember to have learned the concepts of starring emails, archiving them and more from Gmail, the interface and all has all stuck on with me.

So here is wishing Gmail all the best, now that it has shed the beta tag. But wait, we are all used to seeing the beta under the logo, how can you live without it, well the folks at Gmail thought about this, and added a feature which will allow you to view the plain old Gmail Beta logo instead of the newer one.


To enable it go to Settings > Labs and enable the Back to Beta feature to view the old logo.

How long have you been using Gmail for? Will you be happy now that Gmail has finally shed off the beta from the logo? Do let us know through your comments.

Gmail leaves beta, launches "Back to Beta" Labs feature [Official Gmail Blog]

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