Gmail Labs Adds Task Manager [To Do Lists]

Quite sometime back we had ranted about how Google is missing a vital Task manager which would allow users to create and manage to-do lists online through their Google accounts, turns out that Google has finally taken a approach towards creating a robust to-do list manager by introducing a basic To Do list in which will allow users to add tasks or convert emails into tasks.


To add new tasks to , just click on the Tasks link and type your task, once you have finished typing your task simply hit the enter key and your task will be saved.


In addition to that you can also convert emails to tasks, to do that just select the emails you want to add as tasks and select Add to Tasksfrom the more actions drop down menu.

According to the Official Gmail Blog, Gmail Tasks Will Allow You To:

  1. Manage your email workflow better by converting emails into tasks: "More Actions > Add to Tasks".
  2. ENTER creates a new task, TAB and SHIFT-TAB indent and un-indent, CTRL-UP and CTRL-DOWN let you reorder from the keyboard, and SHIFT-ENTER toggles back and forth between the detailed view for a task and the main view.
  3. After turning Tasks on, turn on Keyboard shortcuts in "Settings > General" and then use "SHIFT-T" to create tasks from your emails – even faster than using the More Actions menu.

Definitely a worthwhile addition to Gmail, since I have been using external add-ons to manage my To-do list in Gmail. What are your thoughts about this feature in Gmail Labs?

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  • I have been using Gmail as my email application of choice for the past few months, and the spam filtering is awesome when compared to the email at the office. The task manager is definitely a welcome addition, and I will be using it.

  • I’ve been waiting for Google to add a task manager for years. I can’t wait for them to add it to Google Sync so I can use it with my Blackberry.

  • Gmail Task Manager = Forget RememberTheMilk
    I always hate when a plucky little guy gets squashed by a monster, but I also love tight integration. I’m going to miss those guys.

  • thats a cool new feature… especially for the holidays where there are so many things to do and it can be hard to remember them all.

  • This is big news! I’ve been waiting for this for years. Google has released competitive services to Microsoft Office, but tasks has always been a missing element.

    Thanks for calling our attention to this.