Gmail Labs Adds Attachment Reminder Feature [Forgotten Attachment Detector]

Have you come across a scenario where you have sent a email but forget to attach a file with it? If you have been through the Oops, I forgot to attach the filescenario more than once, Gmail labs has added another cool feature called Forgotten Attachment Detector, that will alert you, if you forget to add a attachment to a email.

Many of us have experienced the embarrassment of having sent a message without attaching the file we said we were going to attach. Turn on the Forgotten Attachment Detector in Labs, and you’ll get an alert if you mention attaching a file but forget to do so.


This feature is a definite must have for those who send out tons of attachments, but may miss out attaching the actual file while sending out the email.

Over a period of time, Gmail Labs has been releasing a lot of new improvements over the past few months, those features have been aimed at solving common problems using failed or for those that they had to use extensions for and definitely make Gmail much more easier and feature rich.

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  • I did that mistake sometimes…But I don’t understand how Gmail detect that there should be attachment in the mail ? It checks our wording? If so, what if we don’t write in English…

  • that’s a great idea. :) this’s happened to me a number of times, and when it does i feel like a dufus. :O

  • timj

    hi, id just like to say that this feature is not as fantastic as i thought it was.
    while trying to show my partner how great gmail is with its new wizzbang attachment finder i deliberately forgot to attach my cv to a job application email.
    to my horror it did not pick it up, so now i look like an idiot.

    dont trust it.

    all my faith in the world is gone.

    ps it worked later when i didnt need it to.