Gmail Introduces Duplicate Contact Cleaner for Merging Contacts

Quite sometime back we had told you how to remove duplicate contacts in Windows Live Hotmail and removing duplicate contacts in Yahoo Mail, back then did not have the ability to remove duplicate contacts.

However, there was an announcement at the Gmail Blog today, where they introduced a new feature to delete duplicate contacts from your Gmail contacts list.

Removing Duplicate Contacts in Gmail

To remove duplicate contacts from Gmail, follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Login to Gmail and click on the contacts link in the sidebar. You can also load the standalone Gmail contacts page.


Step 2: Click on the Find duplicate buttons in the right hand pane.


Step 3: Once you click on the button, Gmail will scan your contacts for duplicates and display it to you. You can choose the contacts and decide to merge them into a single one, thus cleaning up the duplicate contacts from your Gmail account.

This can come in pretty handy if you use your Gmail contacts as the base contacts and sync it with Outlook or your mobile phone.

3 thoughts on “Gmail Introduces Duplicate Contact Cleaner for Merging Contacts”

  1. I had a difficult time finding this too, but finally figured this out. The problem with the instructions is that you must add a prestep before step #1.

    Step 1: Open gmail and click on contacts.
    Step 1a: Click one set of duplicates, click "Merge these 2 contacts…".
    Step 1b: Once you click that it will take you to the window shown in screenshot on step one.

    Now it allows you to do a search on all duplicates and merge them. Works wonderfully!

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