Gmail Introduces “Did you mean?” Email/Name Suggestions

has announced a new feature in which will offer email and name suggestions, while adding recipients to an email. This feature will definitely come in handy, while using auto-completion for typing out email addresses.

Why is this Feature useful?

I have 7 contacts with the name Markin my email account, all of them have different email addresses. Now say, I want to send an email to Mark no 3, however instead of that, by mistake I use Mark no 2’s email address.


The new feature introduced by Gmail will display suggestions in the form of Did you mean, which is also shown in Google Search for mistyped words.

wrong_bob1 wrong_bob2 wrong_bob3

This will definitely save you a lot of embarrassment, which may occur due to you sending out an email to the wrong person.

How Does it Work?

Gmail will basically study your habits and suggest you the alternatives based on the past emails you have sent to a group of people.

If you normally email Bob Smith together with Tim and Angela, but this time you added Bob Jones instead, we’ll warn you that it might be a mistake. Note that this only works if you’re emailing more than two people at once

The new feature is available under Settings -> Labs – Don’t forget Bob. Once you activate this feature, you will start seeing suggestions, when you compose an email with 2 or more recipients.

New in Labs: Got the Wrong Bob? [Official Gmail Blog]

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